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GUCS is a professional digital asset inclusion financial service platform created based on block chain technology, allowing more users to enter the digital asset field with low threshold
Give full play to the efficient and transparent role of decentralized system, so as to realize the trusted circulation of assets in different chains, improve the application scenarios of digital assets, and realize more financial services of digital assets
Through the complete intelligent credit investigation mechanism on the GUC chain, a unified global credit investigation standard is established to realize the digitization, transparency and standardization of global financial integration

Global Union Club Sub

GUCS is a professional service platform combining digital technology and inclusive finance independently developed by GUC Club with block chain as the underlying technology

Background of the project

In recent years, with the huge scale of global financial industry and the rapid development of fintech, digital inclusive finance has become the key direction

Industry pain point

Cryptocurrencies cannot be circulated among each other, commercial applications are difficult to be implemented, and projects are closed and rolled in

Value Analysis

Will become the next generation of digital assets transaction one-click entry, widely used in transfer settlement remittance

Global Union Club Sub


Brian.Han,CEO(Adviser to the United Nations High-level Panel on Digital Cooperation)

He served as a senior adviser to the White House Bureau for Science and Technology Policy。He is currently the director of DIGITAL currency at MIT Media LAB. He graduated from THE University of California. He has an MBA at London Business School

RON Will(The heart of the club in Asia GUC)

Indians, familiar with the market in the asia-pacific region, GUC club Asia core RON will has a strong professional skills and business resource block chain and partner network, in computer software design and development, marketing and other aspects have abundant working experience, in 2013 into the financial sector, successively research stock fund stock futures each kind of financial products, such as by trend analysis of the industry's products, and on this basis developed a full set of trading software and analysis system of the industry


  • 2019.04

    GUCS The main chain starts to develop

  • 2020.04

    GUCS & USDT trading was officially launched in China, with the online price being 0.1U and the maximum being 100U on that day, which was stable at 5U on that day

  • 2020.05

    GUCS Smart Wallet version 2.0.1 is available

  • 2020.06

    GUCS Ranking the top 100 exchanges in the world

  • 2020.07

    GUCS Web browser 2.0 is available
    (Transaction query, information upload, open source contract)

  • 2020.08

    GUCS ATM On the line
    Realize the smart wallet to deposit and withdraw legal currency through ATM


frequently asked questions

1、What is GUCS?

The global e-commerce platform will link the global e-commerce user data interfaces to form an ecosystem of decentralized data structures. Operators of all global e-commerce industries can leverage integrated user data for cross-domain collaboration and marketing innovation. Introduce a reward mechanism to encourage users from all industries to participate.

2、What are the advantages of GUCS?

High performance support, security and stability, liquidity support, multi-language support, timely payment, multi-platform client support.

3、What is the GUCS payment system?

The remittance payment system includes account number, cash wallet, digital wallet, account (existing/prepared gold), order matching system and so on.

4、What is the main body of the asset?

Value subject, application subject, circulation subject, economic model.

5、Industry situation?

The main body of the global settlement market today includes not only banks, UnionPay, third-party settlement licensees, mobile phone manufacturers, merchants, checkout counters, but also Swipe POS machines, various scanning code devices, scanning code cards, etc., merchants need to go to various settlements. The company applies for an account, and finds the technology company to give the product realization, and reconciles to each platform.

6、Industry pain point?

The reason for decentralization is that the centralization trend of some systems and systems tends to be serious, and there is no checks and balances and supervision. People are forced to succumb to a centralized system design. For example, the modern financial system is very central, and some of the drawbacks of the modern financial system stem from its centralized institutional structure.

7、What is the output method of the GUCS service platform?

Hui Neng's service platform Hui Neng currency is a general equivalent of goods in e-commerce, capable of asset swapping of all online malls, and can be used for various other functions, equivalent to cash in the virtual world. The Huinengcoin service platform is produced in the mine. As a value product in the sinking currency service platform, it will carry out economic circulation around various functions.

8、The main application scenario of GUCS?

Shopping consumer rebates, digital asset payments, user invitation rewards, user data marketing, product reviews, trusted, smart contract secured transactions, business integrity systems.